DragonBall Z episode 2, Reunions

Spoilers below

So the very beginning of this episode provides some pretty important information, the alien known as Raditz is Saiyan, as is the one he is searching for, Kakarrot. The Saiyan race are clearly very powerful if Raditz himself is anything to go by, you have to feel sorry for whoever Kakarrot is, clearly his failing in his mission has angered this Saiyan. After having bumped into Piccolo in episode 1 I must admit I was rather looking forward to seeing his power and just what his KI blasts are, partly because I love KI blasts and partly because Piccolo deserves another ass kicking. Though the names clearly need work “double Sunday” just sounds like an ice cream, yeah I’ll take that with chocolate sauce and a triple flake.Next up we are at Master Roshis, at long last we get to see a few of our old favourites, Roshi, Krillin and Bulma. Upon arriving Bulma announces that she has broken up with Yamcha. Honestly is this a surprise, I don’t get why Roshi and Krillin seemed surprised because I certainly wasn’t, I mean isn’t that what Bulma and Yamcha do? It was also good to see that her temper is till there, she certainly hasn’t changed in those 5 years. She was always a favourite of mine, it was great to see that she was back and was going to remain a prominent character.

The arrival of Goku brings a strong mixture of happiness and confusion, of course they are all happy to see their friend, I mean it has been a long time since they were all together, the reunion was seriously overdue. But I feel it is safe to say that they weren’t expecting to see Gohan, perhaps this is because none of them were aware that Goku has had a son! Immediately upon meeting Gohan Bulma and Roshis attention turns to his tail, seemingly quite panicked at the sight of it. We al remember Goku having his tail so its fair to say we are all curious to see that Gohan has one too. After Bulma asks Gohan if he wants to be a fighter like his dad it’s a shock for everyone to find out that Chi Chi doesn’t let Gohan train, no, she has him studying all the time. Hence the reason for him wanting to be a orthopedist or a great scholar rather.

While the friends are all enjoying a much needed reunion it suddenly comes to a halt when Goku detects a strong power heading their way, we of course know of a very powerful being that is currently conducting a search. With Krillin also detecting a strong power it is clear that whatever is producing it was heading their way. Sure enough it’s the extraterrestrial Saiyan Raditz, but he’s searching for Kakarrot so what could he possibly be doing on Master Roshis island? Well he doesn’t take long to ask Goku why he hasn’t completed his mission. Wait Goku, the saviour of earth is in fact a Saiyan? Of course none of them believe Raditz insisting he’s crazy, which doesn’t go down too well. It turns out that the accident Goku had when he was kid caused him to forget his purpose and his mission. Goku was nightmare child which we now know was due to his Saiyan blood, that knock to the head change everything, it changed Goku into the person he his.

When it is revealed that Raditz has a tail it becomes clear that that’s the reason for Goku having a tail and Gohan, it’s because they’re Saiyan. The tail of a Saiyan is apparently the source of their true power when they look at the full moon. Explaining why Roshi and Bulma asked Goku about how Gohan acts in front of them full moon. Without his tail Goku can no longer transform, something that clearly displeases the Saiyan stood in front of him. Just when you think things cant get anymore complicated or weird Raditz has one more revelation to throw at Goku, they are brothers. More specifically he is the younger brother of Raditz, they are from the Saiyan home planet called Vegeta, it was unfortunately destroyed leaving Raditz and two other Saiyans alive due to not being there. This means that there are only 4 living Saiyans including Goku. The Saiyans are a warrior race who take over and sell planets, depending upon the ability of those inhabiting the planet they would either send their best warriors or simply send one baby, hence why Goku was sent to earth, clearly our planet wasn’t deemed to be a threat, yet earth would fetch a high price on the galactic market.

Raditz insists upon Goku joining him, he is a Saiyan he loves to fight, he should love the life that his brother leads. We all know that Goku is a good man through and through, there was never a chance that he would join his brother. A refusal that proves costly, immobilising Goku with a swift knee to the stomach Raditz takes Gohan. He takes his nephew demanding Kakarrot to kill 100 earthlings, bringing their bodies back to Roshis island. Should Goku fail, Raditz would see to it that his own nephew would suffer a tortuous death.

I enjoyed this episode and liked how it all unfolded with Goku in fact being a Saiyan, clearly he is in for an extremely tough fight to get his son back. Poor Gohan was terrified, his own uncle was going to kill him if his father failed to meet his demands. My personal highlight is actually when Krillin got knocked back by a tail, Raditz completely over powered Krillin with is tail. This is only episode 2 and already it has you hooked, you want to know how Goku is going to defeat Raditz and get his son back. It’s okay Gohan we all know your daddy isn’t going to let anything happen to you, cant help but say that perhaps letting the boy train instead of constantly studying might have been a good idea!!


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