DragonBall Z episode 3, Unlikely Alliance 

Spoilers below.

Following straight on from where we last left our rather immobilised hero, Raditz has decided that his threatening to kill Gohan is going to provide that extra incentive for Goku, essentially it’s either you kill 100 humans or I kill your son. Difficult decision Goku, kill humans or let your beloved son die? Well while Goku is making his mind up Raditz decides to leave with his nephew in tow. The decision that Goku makes isn’t exactly shocking, his answer to his brothers request is to go after him and fight him, to begin with both master Roshi and Krillin support the idea going so far as to say that they will accompany Goku in kicking Raditz ass. Their enthusiasm is almost infectious, I say almost because when an extraterrestrial shows up being that powerful and that intimidating in my mind I don’t really want to be splattered across the floor. Obviously Bulma agrees with me as she points out that Raditz is likely to kill them all and perhaps they would be better off coming up with a new strategy. Being the scientist that Bulma is she determines that they could find Gohan through tracking the dragonball on top of his hat.An unexpected opportunity arises in the form of Piccolo, clearly his encounter with Raditz rattled him as he hasn’t come to attack Goku, rather he has come to call a temporary truce in the hopes of forming an alliance. The only chance that they have of defeating the Saiyan is if earths two strongest fighters fight along side one another. Of course Goku agrees, this is his best chance at getting his son back unharmed. I must admit that they are smart in the sense of going to find him using the dragonball tracker since the all powerful Saiyan isn’t going to expect a frontal assault from Goku, never mind the fact he has no idea that his younger brother will be accompanied by Piccolo. Still I think we can all agree that their chances against the Saiyan still aren’t what I would consider to be good.

The episode cuts back to Chi Chi briefly where she is blissfully unaware of the danger her 4 year old Son is currently in, nope she is simply waiting for her husband and son to walk through the front door, on the plus side we find out just how good Gohan is at his studying, he’ll be an orthopaedic before we know it! Though I might suggest that having his father train him might be a good idea.

Speaking of Gohan he is struggling to get along with his new found uncle, all he seems to be able to do right now is cry and cry and cry. Something that Raditz clearly hates since he decides to lock his nephew in his shuttle to block out his irritating crying, great thinking Raditz what better way to stop your nephew from crying than locking him away where he can cry some more. Granted it would be more difficult to hear it, so perhaps there is a bit of logic to Saiyan uncle 101. After having dealt with his minor nephew problem Raditz detects a power level 710 nearby, it’s so close by in fact that it actually states the power is coming from 4 year old Gohan, something that Raditz deems impossible stating that his device must be broken. He detects another power level of 650, more specifically 2 power levels one of which is 330, the known power level of Goku but of course he would never dream of coming after Raditz so abruptly so once again Raditz has to believe his device is broken, or so that is until Goku and Piccolo show up. Seeing those two isn’t what gives this mighty Saiyan his uneasy and startled appearance, no, it’s the fact that if his device correctly depicted the combined power level of Goku and Piccolo then that means that insanely high power level of 710 emanating from Gohan is indeed real.

His resolve hardens quickly, letting Goku and Piccolo know that they are in for a hard fight should they choose to try their luck. Goku’s insistence of annoying his brother, of defying his brother has finally gotten to Raditz, he declares that he no longer wishes for Kakarrot to join him. Instead he is going to kill his pathetic younger brother, he didn’t’t come to earth with these intentions, he didn’t even take his nephew with this intention but now that has all changed. In a rather amusing sight both Goku and Piccolo remove some of their cloning to increase their power level due to the garments being weighted. Raditz does notice the increase in power levels, not that this fazes him much, in the blink of an eye he is in between his enemies nailing both of them in the back with his elbows, knocking them both off their feet. The looks on the faces of Goku and Piccolo reveal their shock and worry, not only is Raditz powerful but he moves at a top speed. Not a good sign for the chances of this uneasy alliance succeeding.

Once again I enjoyed this episode, the sense of hope that Gohan feels upon hearing his dads voice is really sweet, he certainly does love his daddy or at least has a strong reliance on him. As far as uncle skills go Raditz isn’t even on the spectrum, but hey maybe that’s a Saiyan thing. The ending leaves me craving the next episode, we are about to witness our first real fight of DragonBall Z and no doubt it is going to be a great one.


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