DragonBall Z episode 4, Piccolos Plan

Spoilers below

When your opponent decides they want to make a game out of killing you it gives off a signal of them being extremely confident in their abilities while at the same time being underwhelmed by yours, this was definitely the case at the start of this episode. As Goku and Piccolo regain their composure after seeing the shocking speed of Raditz the Saiyan decides that he is going to make a game out of this fight, believing that he has already one he states that he is going to cause them both a huge amount of pain with the first one to beg for their life being the loser. Seemingly unfazed by his older brothers confidence Goku asks where his son is to which Raditz is surprisingly honest stating that he’d best say goodbye to Gohan as this will be his last chance to. The whole thing seems amusing to Raditz which doesn’t really surprise me at this point, what did give me a shock was that he didn’t lie about Gohan, then again this was probably just another way of taunting his younger brother and the green man (Piccolo).Having had enough of Raditz both Goku and Piccolo charge at the Saiyan not that it does them any good. The experienced Saiyan clearly blocks all strikes from both of his adversaries, once again his speed proves to much for them as he lands blows of his own. Wanting to have a bit more fun Raditz takes flight, hovering, looking down at the two fools who believe they can beat him, as they themselves take flight Raditz summons up ki blast of his own from both of his hands sending one at Piccolo, the other at Goku. The blast misses Goku who then tries to turn his attention back to his new found brother only to realise that he has moved. Seriously Goku the guy can move at an insane speed and you are shocked that he has once again moved out of sight after shooting an energy blast at you? Well he shows up again, knocking Goku back to the ground as if he’s nothing, looking across to see how Piccolo is I think it’s safe to say that Goku wasn’t expecting him to be missing an arm!! Well in all honesty I was expecting that either, I mean Raditz is only just getting started and he has already literally taking one of their limbs. The fact that Piccolo is missing an arm amuses Raditz even further causing him to make jokes about it, my personal favourite was “you can’t miss it, it’s green!”, that was definetly a fair comment but they are in the middle of a field so perhaps his arm was blending in somewhere.

Elsewhere Bulma, Krillin and Roshi are on their way, trying to find Goku. While Krillin maintains that they should have been the ones to help Goku, Bulma and Roshi point out that Piccolo really is the only fighter on earth who could have helped Goku.

Still clearly enjoying himself Raditz still feels no worry about losing to his opponents, that could change with the new attack that Piccolo has learned, the only catch it takes him 5 minutes to charge it up! Seriously Piccolo stop slacking and pick up the pace geez. Needing to keep Raditz distracted Goku charges of on his own throwing as may strikes as he possibly could at Raditz who either blocked or dodged them all before once again showing his little brother how it is done through landing a few strikes of his own. Instead of charging back in Goku opts to jump into the air to charge up his own KI blast Kamehameha greatly increasing his power level, this finally puts a bit of fear in Raditz he even checks Piccolos who has risen his power level to over 1000! Initially Raditz run from the Ki blast but then changes his mind. Goku connects with his blast, clearly it gives him a sense of triumph if only for a few seconds, once the dust has settled he sees Raditz stood there unharmed thanks to him cancelling out the blast. As he has done an awful lot over the past couple of episodes Raditz shows Goku how it is done as he lands his Ki blast knocking Goku out of the sky….again.

Finally after what seems like a lifetime Piccolo unleashes his special beam cannon, it’s so powerful that Raditz has no chance of blocking it, so he dodges it instead…..you had one job Piccolo! Now thanks to the green mans poor accuracy Raditz is back to talking about ice cream, nobody wants your bloody double Sunday! Thankfully Goku isn’t as useless as Piccolo, he manages to his brothers tail while he is focused on making a double Sunday. Well I say Goku isn’t as useless as Piccolo but he is certainly more stupid than the green man is, after spewing a load of rubbish insisting he was never going to harm Gohan or earth Goku lets him go! Great thinking Goku, hey this guy just tried to kill me, I better give him a second chance. A stupid move, something that us Raditz and Piccolo can all agree on. Piccolo says “he’s too trusting” according to Raditz “he’s too soft”, according to me “he’s too stupid”.

Goku yells in agony as Raditz stands on his chest applying pressure urging him to beg for his life. Unfortunately for the angry Saiyan a certain nephew can hear his fathers cries.

We once again find ourselves back with Chi Chi, she is happily making dinner whilst deciding just what future her son is going to have. Forget becoming an Orthopaedic Gohan you’re going to become an ASTRONAUGHT!
All I can say is congratulations Gohan you already have more careers than I do!

Anyway back to a more pressing matter, Raditz taunts Goku telling him to beg for his life, something that we all know Goku would never do. Raditz detects an enormous power source from somewhere startling him, in a panic he looked around to see what could boast such a power but there was nothing, well there was nothing until Gohan broke out of the shuttle in a fit of anger.

I don’t think that I am ever going to say that an episode of DBZ is bad, so perhaps I should stop saying that the episodes are good because that goes without saying but it was awesome to see our first fight of DragonBall Z. can’t wait to see what damage a 4 year old Saiyan can do.


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